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Permanent Change – Be A Better Lover Forever

So I give out a lot of advice; here in my blog, in my newsletter and in Ejaculation Guru. But I wonder just how much of it is actually used. Sure I hear success stories from people, but not from every person who gets my advice. There is so much great advice to be had about lasting…

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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Beating premature ejaculation is the first step to becoming an awesome lover. If you can’t last for more than a few minutes or even seconds in bed then you may struggle to give your woman the ride of her life. So this makes stopping premature ejaculation a fundamentally crucial step to become great in bed……

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Cool Ideas, Tips And Techniques On The Way

Hey, It’s Jack Grave Here. The blog is under construction at the mo. I’ve only just set it up, so will be working on brushing up the design and extras for the next few days (or weeks). Check back again in a few days and I’ll start posting advice on premature ejaculation lasting longer in…

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