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How To Know If She’s Faking It

Here are 8 different ways you can tell if a woman is faking orgasms with you…

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How To Make A Woman Orgasm (The Alpha Male Way)

There are 2 things you’ve got to master if you want to become PHENOMENAL in bed and know how to make a woman orgasm.

You’ve got to MASTER both your “outer game” and your “inner game”.

If don’t work on your inner game, then no matter how good your outer game is, you will still suck in bed….

Here’s how to develop a LEGENDARY outer game

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Thrusting Techniques That Drive Her Wild

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but almost NO GUYS take the time to think about the thrusting techniques they use during sex. I remember when I was having sex, before I learned all the “cool tricks” and ways to give women multiple orgasms, I NEVER used to think about my thrusting…

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