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Sexual Performance Anxiety – The 2 Step Cure

Sexual performance anxiety isn’t a “disease” you catch, a “gene” you’re born with or anything else you can’t change.

Sexual performance anxiety is something you create in your head.

And because you are ultimately the one who creates sexual performance anxiety, this also means you have the power to change it…

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How Thinking Of “Grandma” Is Not The Way To Last Longer In Bed

So one the most common ways that I hear of “how to last longer in bed” is to think of something that doesn’t turn you on, like… “Think of dead puppies” “Think of grandma” “Think of xxx” But does this really work? Is this really an effective way to change your physiology so you last…

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Permanent Change – Be A Better Lover Forever

So I give out a lot of advice; here in my blog, in my newsletter and in Ejaculation Guru. But I wonder just how much of it is actually used. Sure I hear success stories from people, but not from every person who gets my advice. There is so much great advice to be had about lasting…

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