She Faked 100 Orgasms…

…Until She Met Him

Read On For An Exclusive Opportunity To Learn 1-On-1 From A MASTER Of Female Pleasure

From The Desk Of:
Jack Grave, Sex Advisor To Millions Of Men,

Dear friend,

This is an exclusive letter with a very particular type of man in mind.

So, before you go any further, please note:

This Is ONLY For You If…

  • You are fed up with average, unexciting, run-of-the-mill sex (NOTE: it doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating or married for 20+ years)
  • You are passionate about giving your woman, or women, a life-transforming level of sexual pleasure
  • You flat-out refuse to accept anything short of living experiencing the sex life of your dreams

This is NOT For You If…

  • You only want a few “quick fix” orgasm techniques and aren’t into sex and female pleasure MASTERY
  • You are merely curious about learning how to satisfy your woman, but could ultimately take it leave it
  • You are anything less than 100% committed and dedicated to giving your lover the best sexual experience of her life

Now if you’re still here and this is right for you – pay close attention…

Imagine If Everything You Thought You Knew About Female Pleasure, Orgasms, Sexual Experience And Women Reflected Only 1% Of What You Were Capable Of Experiencing

To put it another way…

  • What if you could give your woman (or multiple women) such intense deep fulfilling pleasure that it changed her life?
  • What if instead of giving her no orgasm or an orgasm so weak you feel the need to ask her afterwards “did you come?” – instead it is OBVIOUS that she came, because the sheets are drenched, she yelled your name out loud, her entire body shook with pleasure and she straight up tells you afterwards “that was the best sex of my LIFE!”?
  • What if you could extend her orgasm so that rather than lasting for a few seconds, it now lasted for minutes or even HOURS
  • What if you could give her such a deeply fulfilling sexual experience that instead of having to wait for “special occasions” for sex – she loves sex so much that it becomes a regular part of your DAILY life to have her pursuing and begging you for more sex?
  • And what if your power to bring pleasure to your woman became a vehicle to bring a deeper level of fulfilment to YOUR entire life?

As You Can Tell – This Isn’t Just About Learning A Few Sex Techniques – This Is About Sexual MASTERY That Only An Extraordinarily Small Selection Of Men Ever Achieve

Have I got your attention?


Because I want to introduce you to someone who LIVES AND BREATHES everything this level of mastery.

An opportunity to connect with someone like this does not come around often…

His Name Is Lawrence Lanoff And Many People (Including The Thousands Of Women He’s Given Orgasms To) Consider Him To Be A MASTER Of Female Pleasure.

I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know Lawrence over the last few years and I can tell you first hand that he is the real deal.

Now rather than write out his full biography, let me share with you a very condensed list of insights into who he is.

Lawrence Lanoff has…

  • Given wildly pleasurable orgasms to over 1000 women (many, many of whom happily credit him as delivering the best sexual experience of their lives)
  • Appeared as an Open Relationship Expert in Neil Strauss' New York Times bestselling book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships (you may also recognize Neil Strauss as the author of the smash-hit book The Game)
  • Helped hundreds of men achieve sexual fulfilment in their relationships and dating lives Been a photographer for Playboy Magazine
  • Studied physics, yoga, spirituality, neuroscience, photography, meditation, magic, social biology, semiotics, advertising design, computer science, philosophy, anatomy, meta-physics, psychology, NLP, hypnosis, fine art, massage therapy, secret Tantra, Taoism, film, television, art therapy, marketing and business communication
  • Helped countless women achieve the first orgasm of their LIVES – including, just the other day, helping a woman experience her first orgasm after having previously faked over 100
  • Directed and produced 11 feature films and won awards for this work
  • Invested in cryptocurrency since 2011 and co-founded Lip Ink, a company that holds numerous product patents and to date has generated upwards of $50mm in revenue.
  • Much, much more.

In short, Lawrence Lanoff is a role model of creating a life of joy and fulfilment – all of which is anchored around a deep understanding and mastery of PLEASURE.

How YOU Can Achieve Mastery Of Female Pleasure

Here’s what’s really exciting…

It’s possible to LEARN how to become a master of female pleasure.

Despite what most people assume - Lawrence wasn’t born this way.

He figured out over DECADES through much trial and error and life experiences how to create this extraordinary life where he’s an endless source of pleasure for woman after woman.

And what’s even more exciting is that unlike him – you don’t need to go through decades of trial and error to experience and give this level of euphoric pleasure.

You can learn how to unlock this DIRECT FROM HIM.

A Special Chance To Work With Lawrence

Lawrence is a busy guy.

Right now he’s knee deep in his latest crypto currency investment startup.

But despite all the success he experiences elsewhere in life, the countless projects he juggles and the many women he sees - his number one passion is still mastery of pleasure.

And he loves to see other men discover the joys of pleasure mastery.

Whether That’s Helping Married Men Find A New Depth Of Sexual Fulfilment With Their Existing Partners… Or To Help Single Men Fully Own Their Masculinity And Become A Beacon Of Pleasure For Multiple Women…

It’s his passion to make this a reality for men.

So no matter how crazy his schedule, he still makes some time to work with a very select number of clients on a one-to-one basis where he shares his personal approach to sexual enlightenment.


You may be wondering…

What Is It Like To Work With Lawrence One-On-One?

Working with Lawrence is a unique experience.

And the key intention is to help you to create the sex life, sexual skills and deep life fulfilment that you know you deserve, but for whatever reason has alluded you up until now.

Lawrence helps you to make this happen through several in-depth one-on-one sessions where he digs deep into your psyche to unlock the sexual power that already lies untapped within you… and where he positively challenges you to break out of your self-imposed sexual limitations to liberate your full, natural and magnetic sexual self.

These powerful one-on-one sessions will either be in-person in New York City – Lawrence’s home turf.

…Or they’ll be over skype if it’s too far for you to visit.

In addition, as part of Lawrence’s commitment to you, you’ll have access to his personal number and e-mail for any specific questions or advice needed along the way.

The point is – Lawrence is about getting you the RESULT.

This isn’t about clocking in and clocking out like you might do with a 1 hour visit to your local therapist or life coach.

Lawrence is committed to helping you find, connect with and share deep sexual fulfilment.

What Others Are Saying About Working With Lawrence

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Curious to learn more?

Here’s How You Can Get A Chance To Work With Lawrence

Lawrence is at a stage of life where he has the freedom to choose who he works with.

And Lawrence only chooses to work with men who are seriously committed to mastering sex, pleasure and a deeper sense of fulfilment in their life.

And he only works with people he connects with and knows he can help.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s not a d*ck about it.

He’s a very nice guy.

And if you’re not a good fit he’ll very politely decline or perhaps refer you to someone who is a better fit for you.

But I want to be upfront in letting you know that he won’t work with just anyone.

You Should Also Be Aware That This Is A High-Value Opportunity

Lawrence pours his heart and soul into his clients and delivers extraordinary value – so he expects an equal commitment from his clients both in terms of their dedication to implementation and willingness to invest financially.


Lawrence obviously has a lot of men interested in working with him, so before he’ll pick up a phone to talk to a potential client he’ll first ask you to fill out an application that describes your situation, your personality and your goals in more detail.

That gives him a better understanding of who you are and how he may be able to help.

Below you’ll see a copy of the application form you can fill out.

But first...

An Important Note: Why You Should Apply Today

Remember, Lawrence is incredibly busy.

And because he’s so committed to his clients and each requires dedicated time and energy he only has space to take on a few of these high level clients each year.

Once these spaces filled up, they’re gone and spaces don’t open up for a very long time.

But if you’re reading this, it means he currently has at one or possibly a few more spaces available.

So if you are interested in applying to work with Lawrence, please apply sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

How To Apply To Work With Lawrence

The process is simple…

Just fill out the application form below.

Lawrence will then read through and review each application on a first-come-first-served basis.

And, if he feels like he can help you, he’ll arrange a call with you where you can walk through the possibility of working together.

This call is, of course, completely obligation-free and zero-pressure, because Lawrence only works with people he knows he can help and will enjoy working with.

Lawrence does not want clients who are the result of “high-pressure sales” or “closing techniques” - only clients who are enthusiastic about working with him.

So look at it is a friendly conversation to see if you’re a good fit to work together.


To apply just fill out the form below.

And remember that applications are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis and once all Lawrence’s client spots are filled there will be no more availability for quite some time.

So if you’re interested, please fill it out as soon as you can…

Talk soon,



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