2 Exercises To Last Longer In Bed (Step-By-Step How To)

In this blog post I want to share with you 2 exercises to last longer in bed. The exercises I will show you are very effective in helping any man overcome premature ejaculation, even in the most extreme cases.

Let’s get straight to it…

Exercise #1 – PC Muscle Training

The PC muscle is found in the genital area. You can locate it when you urinate as the muscle used to stop the urine flow. This same muscle can also be used to stop ejaculation. When used correctly to stop ejaculation it means you maintain your erection, but the need to ejaculate again disappears for anywhere between 2 to 15 minutes. This means you can carry on having sex without worrying about ejaculation so it’s a great way to last longer in bed.

To train your muscle you need to practise tightening or “squeezing” it. The way to do this is by doing a short work out 5 days a week. In these workouts squeeze your PC muscle for 2 seconds, then relax for 2 seconds, then tighten for 2 seconds and continue onwards until you’ve tightened it 10 times overall.

After that take a short break and then repeat another set of 10 repetitions again. That’s all it takes to perform PC muscle training. As you develop over time you may want to increase the number of sets, reps or tightness of the squeeze.

Side Note: The Askmen website has some more useful info on exercising the PC muscle.

Exercise #2 – Stopping Ejaculation

Once you’ve developed sufficient PC muscle strength, which can take anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks, the second of the two exercises to last longer in bed is practicing stopping ejaculation.

The way this exercise works is you practice during masturbation. This is because during masturbation you have more control of the situation and if things go wrong it doesn’t matter.

The way to practice stopping ejaculation is to bring yourself close to orgasm during masturbation and just before you’re about to ejaculate stop any stimulation and squeeze your PC muscle as tight as you can and hold it until the need to ejaculate goes away.

To get this to work perfectly first you need sufficient strength. So if you find that strength is a problem then you need to go back to exercise 1 and develop more PC muscle strength. Secondly you need to perfect your timing. If you stop stimulation and squeeze too early you’ll find that you don’t stop your ejaculation properly and the desire to ejaculate will still be there when you start stimulation up again. But if you squeeze too late then your ejaculation will have built up too much momentum and you won’t have the power to stop it.

Only through practicing this exercise will you be able to master the timing needed for stopping ejaculation.

But once you do take the time and commit to practicing these 2 exercises to last longer you’ll soon find that your sex life will transform and the effort will have been well worth it.