How To Control Premature Ejaculation With The PC Muscle

The secret of how to control premature ejaculation comes from making a simple realization…. And that is that orgasm does NOT have to equal ejaculation.

This is a trick to lasting longer in bed that most men just don’t get.

And the reason most men don’t get it is because it just isn’t known about.

Pretty much everyone is raised to believe that for men orgasm and ejaculation go hand in hand.

The truth is that the two can be separated.

And when you can separate the orgasm and ejaculation you have the power to last incredibly long in bed, because even if you orgasm within minutes of sex it doesn’t matter, because by not ejaculating your penis stays hard and you can carry on until you finally choose to finish sex by ejaculating.

Now to separate the two requires a strong PC muscle. You can find the PC muscle when you go to urinate.  When you stop the flow of urine while urinating the muscle you do this with is called the PC muscle.

When you contract the PC muscle you block the flow of fluids through your penis.  And just as you can stop the flow of urine you can stop the flow of semen or ejaculation as well. Please Note: knowing how to control premature ejaculation with the PC muscle is not the same as the Last Longer In Bed Squeeze Technique.

But before I tell you how to do this you need to exercise your PC muscle first to make it strong. And the way to do this is with a process called Kegels.

Kegels involve tightening and relaxing your PC muscle.  The simple version of this exercise is to tighten your PC muscle for 2 seconds, then relax for 2 seconds, then tighten for 2 seconds, etc. And do this 10 to 15 times.

As your PC muscles increases in strength you’ll want to increase the intensity and length of exercise.

So now onto how to stop ejaculation…

Stopping ejaculation is essentially the same as stopping your urine flow.

The difference is that it takes more strength and better timing.

Firstly after a week or so of exercising your PC muscle you should have your strength down.

Secondly, the timing.  To get the timing right takes practise.  I recommend you practise while masturbating so if you mess up it’s not that bigger deal.

Now the perfect time to contract your PC muscle is just before orgasm happens.  But if you contract too early the desire to ejaculate won’t go away and if you contract too late then you’ll ejaculate anyway.  So you’ve got to practise to get your timing right.

When you do finally get your timing right you contract the PC muscle and hold it tight until the feeling of ejaculation goes away completely.

This isn’t one of those techniques that will work first time for you, but it is one that can make a HUGE difference to how long you can last in bed if you do take the time to master it.  And if it’s the kind of thing you’re interested in then you can learn a lot more about using the PC muscle in my book, Ejaculation Guru.