Last Longer In Bed Squeeze Technique

In this blog post I want to share with you something called the “last longer in bed squeeze technique”.

This technique is very powerful and websites like Men’s Health also recommend the last longer in bed squeeze technique.

Now I’m not saying that this technique is the only one you should use.

There are plenty of other “last longer in bed” strategies that I’ve posted about before including those I mentioned in How to Last Longer in Bed in 4 Easy Steps, Premature Ejaculation Solutions and How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally.

But what’s great about this technique is that it’s so effective.

With the last longer in bed squeeze technique you can last anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes more in bed after using it before orgasm.

So how does this powerful technique work?

How It Works

This technique is all about timing.

For it to work properly you’ve got to make sure you apply the squeeze, which I’ll explain in just a second, just before the orgasm.

If you perform it too early it won’t do anything and you’ll still be very close to orgasm.

And if you perform it too late then you’ll just go ahead and orgasm anyway.

Getting your timing right is a skill.

This means you’ve got to practise it.

You’ll probably get the timing wrong a few times, but eventually you’ll crack it.

And when you do, the practise will be well worth it.

Mastering “The Squeeze”

Here’s how the squeeze actually works…

When the time is right grip tightly around the head of your penis.  It should be relatively tight, but don’t do it so tight you injure yourself!

When you go to squeeze hold it for 30 seconds.

You should find that after 30 seconds the urge to orgasm goes away and you’ll have up to 15 minutes before the urge arises again.

Alternative Squeeze Technique

There are actually two different methods of performing the squeeze technique.

Here is the second version…

In this version, instead of gripping around the head you’ll want to grip around the base of your penis, i.e. the part of your penis nearest to your body.

When you grip here you still do everything else the same as before, like your timing and doing it for 30 seconds, the only difference is in where you’re gripping it.

To find out which version works best for you you’ll probably want to experiment with the two.

I personally recommend experimenting while masturbating, because that way if you mess it up it doesn’t matter and when it comes to sex you can get it right when it counts.

And that’s it, the all powerful “last longer in bed squeeze technique” is now yours to enjoy.