How To Know If She’s Faking It

Recently I read a scary study…

It was a study into how women really felt about sex.

And one of the things that made this study so unique was that the women were able to complete it anonymously, so they didn’t have to worry about their husbands, boyfriends, partners or whoever else finding out how they really felt.

And after reading about it I remember being truly shocked with the findings.

The results showed that almost every woman had at some point in her life faked an orgasm.

What was even worse was that a large majority (almost half!) were faking orgasms on a regular basis.

Now this is truly shocking.

Because it’s fairly usual for men to assume they’re good at sex.

But if so many women are saying that they’re dissatisfied could it be that you too are assuming you’re good at making love, but in fact she’s faking it?

Now if you’re reading an article like this is probably fair to say you’re way above the average man in terms of sexual ability, and hopefully you’re not in a situation where your woman is faking it consistently.

But sometimes you can never be too sure, right?

So here are 8 ways you can tell when a woman experiences an orgasm (in no particular order)…

Oh, and please note: Each individual point doesn’t 100% guarantee she’s experience an orgasm.  Look at these points as indicators of orgasm not as proof of one. But if you see enough of them happening then you can feel pretty confident that you have made her orgasm.

Anyway, let’s get to it… How to know if she really does have an orgasm…

1 – Her skin gets hotter

Whenever a woman orgasms she will experience a flush of heat.   This occurs all over her body, but in particular you’ll notice it one her chest and in her face.

Also look out for blushing cheeks.

2 – Her nipples become erect

This happens often at the point of orgasm.

3 – Spasms and tense muscles

When an orgasm happens for real a woman can temporarily lose control of her muscles.  It may look like she’s flinching. She may jump up at you or maybe grab you very hard.

This is all part of her experiencing an orgasm and happens because in experiencing an orgasm she’ll often lose a lot of control.

4 – She becomes more “lubricated”

At orgasm and for a short period afterwards a woman’s vagina will become more lubricated.

5 – White sticky fluid

This varies from woman to woman, but sometimes a woman will release visible cum when she orgasms.

This happens in many forms, but with some women this is visible and you’ll notice it around her vagina or on your penis.

6 – Dilated pupils

This is a tough one to spot, especially if its dark, but a woman’s eyes will dilate when they orgasm.

7 – Is she tired

Normally a powerful orgasm will really tire a woman out, at least temporarily.

If she’s jumping out of bed straight after sex then this could be a sign that she’s walking away unsatisfied.

8 – Does she seem satisfied?

A woman can certainly act as if she’s orgasmed, but there’s a big difference between acting satisfied and really being satisfied.

If you’re questioning yourself whether or not you think your woman is satisfied then she’s probably not satisfied!

If you’ve done a great job at making her feeling amazing I’m sure there will be no doubt in your mind of that fact, because it will be obvious from how she’s acting that you’ve done a great job.

So there you have it.

That should give you a pretty good guide to knowing if you’ve satisfied your woman.