Why Women Don’t Like Sex…

As a man we’ve all heard this one.

Women don’t like sex.

Or at a MINIMUM women like sex A WHOLE LOT less than men.

Isn’t this true?

Isn’t this why us men are always chasing sex?

Isn’t this why us men have to work SO hard for sex, just so we can have the good fortune of being pleasured?

Isn’t this the reason why a guy “gets lucky” when a woman finally LETS US have sex with her?

And isn’t this why if we’re “bad” our woman PUNISHES us by not allowing us to have sex with her?

It’s because women don’t really like or need sex isn’t it?


Wrong, wrong and wrong.

If you’ve ever in the past thought that women don’t like sex then you have successfully been BRAINWASHED.

The truth is that women LOVE sex.

In fact they enjoy sex AT LEAST 10X more than us.

Hell, wouldn’t you if you could have FULL BODY ORGASMS that can last for OVER AN HOUR! (Yes, this really is possible for women, but it takes some real “ninja” level bedroom skills that I’ll save for another day.)

If you’ve been raised to believe that women like sex less than men then this belief is DESTROYING your sex life.

Can you really give your woman truly EXCEPTIONAL pleasure if you’re turning up to love making with a belief that she doesn’t even really want to be there?

Hell NO you can’t.

So now’s the time to make the simple shift in your thinking that will RAMP UP your love making skill MASSIVELY.

Realize this…

Women love sex.

They really do.

Women spend a TON of time gossiping with their friends about sex.

Many women find themselves getting WET throughout the day just because of the sexual thoughts going through their head.

Most women are LUSTING for outstanding sexual experiences.

Have you ever picked up and read a few chapters of woman’s novel?

If it’s anything like the ones I’ve seen it’ll be literally BURSTING with sexual encounters.



They can’t get enough of it.

And it’s something that’s almost ALWAYS in the back of their minds.

Now having said all this, you might be wondering.


And the answer is very straight forward…

You have to GIVE HER PERMISSION to express it.

You see, if you’re walking around with the belief and attitude that women don’t like sex and sex is something you have to convince women to do with you or give them favors in return for then you’re HARDLY giving her permission to express her sexual desire.

In fact, if you do any of what I just said then what you’re REALLY subconsciously communicating is “I can’t give you great sex, but if I do these nice things will you in exchange have sex with me to keep me happy?”

Can you really imagine a woman unleashing animalistic sexual desire in response to that?

You’ll be lucky if she even gets turned on a smudge.

Remember, women are reading your actions, body language and communication all the time.

They KNOW (often before you even open your mouth) whether you’re offering them the chance to feel GREAT or if you’re trying to TAKE something from them.

Since most of us men have been raised to believe or are somehow convinced that women don’t really want or like sex we’ll often start acting in very DUMB ways in order to try and get sex.

Like trying to convince her to have sex with us.

Or buying her gifts so she’ll have sex with us.

But the problem is that this just doesn’t communicate to her “I am a cool sexual guy and you’re free to express your sexual desires with me”.

It just communicates “I am a low status male that is trying to bribe you to have sex with me”.

If you read my last post on How To Make A Woman Orgasm you’ll know that women go CRAZY in bed for alpha males, but for anyone but the alpha male they can probably take it or leave it.

So how do you turn things around so you give your woman permission to express her sexual desire?

Well firstly realize the truth I’ve told you enough times now…


When you really acknowledge and believe this you’ll approach sex from a COMPLETELY new perspective.

You now no longer have to “convince” her to have sex with you or buy her stuff so she’ll have sex with you.

What’s the point in doing all that if she likes sex anyway?

Since you realize that she likes sex start focussing on how you can give her pleasure in the bedroom.

Realize that you’re coming from a place of power now.  Since this woman you’re with actually loves sex, every time you go to have sex with her you’re not taking something from her, you’re in fact GIVING SOMETHING TO HER.

You’ve got no reason to buy her stuff in exchange for sex, because you’re already offering her 100x what any gift could provide for her… You’re offering her SEX.

You’re now offering her something that makes her feel ECSTACY.

She’s the lucky one.

And I really mean it.

She really is the lucky one.

She’s just as luck as you to be having sex, because she gets SO MUCH out of it.

And think about how different you act as you GENUINELY hold this new belief that women love sex.

When you get it IN YOUR CORE that your woman loves sex and sex is a deeply fulfilling experience you share together EVERYTHING CHANGES.

When she knows you’re for real and you really get this, she’ll start saying stuff you WOULDN’T BELIEVE.

She’ll start talking about the sexy day dreams she was having at home or at work and how she got so wet “down there” that she had to run to the bathroom to dry up.

Or about how EXCITED she is to have sex with you again.

Or about the threesome she’s always wanted to have but was too SCARED to talk to you about.

And funnily enough, all it takes is for you to recognize the TRUTH, which is that WOMEN LOVE SEX.

But as you probably already know, this isn’t something you can fake.

You’ve got to develop this belief within yourself.

So start working on it today.

Go check out some women’s forums online to see how often they’re chatting and thinking about sex.

Go buy a woman’s novel or two to read through and be AMAZED at all the sexual adventures inside.

Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get it into your head that WOMEN LOVE SEX and you can give them that great pleasure.

When you start approach sex with the attitude that you have something to give her, rather than that you’re trying to get something from her your sex life will TRANSFORM.

Also, I’d love to hear YOUR experiences of the sexual desires of women.  Write a comment in the box below and share your thoughts.