Sexual Performance Anxiety – The 2 Step Cure

Sexual performance anxiety can be DEADLY for men.

Now of course I don’t mean that sexual performance anxiety will actually kill you…

What I mean is that your sex life will DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL death if you don’t learn how to tackle sexual performance anxiety.

When you go about having sex with a lot of anxiety all kinds of problems crop up… Like not being able to get “it” up, heavy sweating, premature ejaculation and overall ZERO SATISFACTION FOR HER.

On the other hand…

If you can successfully overcome sexual performance anxiety then anything becomes possible in bed.  When you are confident in bed suddenly you’ll find yourself lasting longer because you’re more relaxed.  You’ll find you have erections so rock hard it’ll blow your woman’s mind.  On top of that, your sexual confidence will be so high that your woman experiences a whole new you and probably ends up having the BEST SEX OF HER LIFE.

The good news is that sexual performance anxiety isn’t a “disease” you catch, a “gene” you’re born with or anything else you can’t change.

Sexual performance anxiety is something you create in your head.

It’s something that happens unconsciously inside of you.

And because you are ultimately the one who creates sexual performance anxiety, this also means you have the power to change it.

So here is my 2 step cure to beating sexual performance anxiety.

1 – Understand What Women Really Think…

One of the top causes of sexual performance anxiety is worrying about what the woman you’re with is thinking.

Typically we, men will worry about how she might be judging us or what she thinks we’re doing wrong.

In fact, the OPPOSITE is true…

Here’s what 95% of women are REALLY thinking.

“What does he think of me?”

It’s so easy to forget that women are people too and they have their own insecurities too.

When we do something wrong in bed, like not last very long, can’t get it up or think we’re not good or “big” enough we’ll typically go into a frenzy of worry…

“What does she think?”, “does she hate me?”, “will she leave me for this?”, etc.

And naturally this gives us performance anxiety.

The reality is that when we do something we think is wrong or bad in bed then OFTEN THE WOMAN WILL BLAME HERSELF.

Say we don’t last very long, the woman might think “what did I do wrong?” or she might think “wow, I must be looking sexy tonight if he came that quickly”.

Or say we’re worried about our penis size, at that same time the woman is probably not even thinking about our penis size and is instead thinking “are my boobs big enough for him?” or “does he think I’m fat?”.

Now, I’m not saying every woman is obsessively paranoid about themselves when it comes to sex.  What I’m saying is that in general, we as men spend WAY too much time worrying about what she’s thinking, when in fact she’s probably not even thinking about the same thing at all.

When you realize that she’s probably not even thinking about all the negative stuff you think she is and that she is just as self-conscious as you are, this allows you to relax MASSIVELY.

And of course, when you’re this relaxed, your performance anxiety instantly MELTS AWAY.

2 – Use Visualization

What causes sexual performance anxiety?

Worrying about sex.

And what causes us to worry about sex?

The thoughts going through our head.

This means the simple way to beat sexual performance anxiety is to change the thoughts going through our head.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through VISUALIZATION.

Generally worrying happens when we see pictures of things going wrong in our head.

We see things like our woman criticizing us, us doing something “bad” in bed or we see our woman being disappointed with us.

A dead simple way to get rid of anxiety is to therefore VISUALIZE AND FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT AND HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

This sounds so simple, but it works.

Spend some time everyday day (5 minutes is fine) visualizing yourself being a new confident you. See how you act confidently in bed.  See how you carry your body differently when you are confident.  Is your facial expression different? Do you breath differently? More deeply? What do you think about when you’re super confident? What do you say to yourself?

Dedicate 5 minutes a day to this and soon you’ll find yourself acting this new confident way AUTOMATICALLY when you start having sex.

This combined with understanding what women really think will eliminate your sexual performance anxiety in no time.