How To Turn A Woman On

Knowing how to turn a woman on is probably one of THE most important skills you need to know. If you want to become a great lover and be able to give your woman multiple orgasms being great at foreplay IS A MUST.

Many men think that the key to giving women MINDBLOWING orgasms multiple times lies in what they do DURING sex.

And although this is true to a certain extent…

If you don’t learn the tricks to being great at FOREPLAY (which includes basically everything you do before sex), then it DOESN’T MATTER what you do during sex, because your woman won’t be warmed up right.

This means learning how to be great at foreplay and discovering how to turn a woman on is probably ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS you could learn if you want to be the kind of man with sex skills so great your woman boasts to her friends about it.

Here’s something you’ve got to understand if you want to be great at foreplay and know how to turn a woman on…


Got that?

Now I DON’T mean that she has a vagina and you have a dick and therefore it’s different.

What I mean is that what turns YOU on is COMPLETELY different to what turns HER on.

To turn a guy on a lot of the time all a woman has to do is get naked or touch his penis once.

Us men are basically like a light switch.

To turn us on all a woman has to do is hit the right trigger and suddenly we’re ready for sex.


One way of looking at how to turn a woman on is to look at it like a computer game where you have one live and you have to work through a series of levels before you win.

In level 1 you might start with dirty talk, gentle kissing or a massage

In level 2 you up the intensity of the dirty talk, kissing or massage

In level 3 you might start taking some outer layers of clothes off

In level 4 you might start teasing your woman with gently and every now and again touch her more sensitive areas


All the way until the final level where you get to have sex.

It’s a very GRADUAL process that you build up.

But what happens if you make a mistake?

Say you “try and skip a level” and take off clothes before she’s ready?

She’ll either…

a) slap your hands and stop you and you’ll go back to level 1


b) she’ll let you do it because she trusts you, but because you’ve missed out some crucial earlier steps you’ll still get to sex, but she won’t be fully turned and won’t really enjoy having sex with you

Either way, just like what happens in a computer game when you lose a life… You’re back at square one.

And just like in a computer game you have to learn how to play EACH of the individual levels.

First you get good at gentle kissing, dirty talk or massages.

Then you get good at transitioning to more intensity

Then you learn how to take clothes of in an elegant way that doesn’t break the mood

Then get good at teasing your woman’s sensitive parts by touching gently around them, etc.

If there’s any one of these levels that you don’t know how to do or play then you can’t win the game and you’ll keep ending up back at level 1 and fail to be great at foreplay.

Without mastering every level and realizing that YOU HAVE TO PLAY EVERY LEVEL WELL to be great at foreplay you will never have the kind of sex that your woman fully enjoys.

Do you see the difference in experiencing foreplay for men and women now?

A man is like a light switch and can be turned on in an instant. So often we’ll assume women are the same… “I’m ready for sex, so wouldn’t she be?” but of course we now know this is TOTALLY FALSE.

A woman has to be turned on gradually, ONE STEP (OR LEVEL) AT A TIME. If you try to go too fast it messes the whole thing up and she won’t be turned on enough to enjoy sex with you.

Be aware of this next time you’re having foreplay.

Slowly work through the different foreplay stages and get your woman so excited about having sex with you so that when it finally comes to sex the anticipation is so great it takes VIRTUALLY NO EFFORT to get her to orgasm.

Oh, and drop me a comment below to let me know what your thoughts are about foreplay and how to turn a woman on…