Making Yourself A Sex God

Think for a second about what it would be like to be considered by your woman as a sex god?

How amazing would that feel?

Well I want to give you a quick “piece of the puzzle” when it comes to making your woman REALLY appreciate having sex with you.

So let’s think for a second…

For your woman to think of you as a sex god she’s really got to value having sex with you.

Your woman has to see having sex with you as something very special.

So this is where some basic human psychology comes in to helping us become better lovers…

You see, all humans value what is hard to get, what they have to work for and what is rare.

It’s basic human nature to value these type of things over things that are easy to get.

So if you want to become a sex God then you’ve got to start using this aspect of human nature to your advantage.

So think for a second about how you normally “present” sex to your woman…

Do you ask for sex?

Do you try and convince your woman to have sex with you?

Do you beg for sex?

If you are doing any of these things then you are “presenting” sex with you as something of low value and as something easy to get.

It’s in her human nature to react to this by thinking that sex with you isn’t that valuable or worthwhile.

Simply because she doesn’t have to work for it.

If you are doing this then you need to try a different strategy…

What if instead, you acted like this…

Instead of asking for sex you slowly turned her on by a massage or gently stroking her skin.

Instead of rushing and trying to initiate sex you kept turning her on by stimulating her sensitive zones like her hands, nipples, inside elbows and neck.

Instead of asking “shall we have sex now?” you just slowly brought your penis close to entering her and then you pulled it away quickly so as to tease her and have her waiting for it to go in.

Can you see the difference here?

Another way of thinking of it is this…

How are all the latest Blockbuster films released?

They start off by releasing a “teaser trailer” maybe 6 months before the film comes out.

And if it’s your type of film or one that has your favorite actor in it, then you get really excited about the prospect of it coming out.

Then maybe 3 months before they release the next slightly longer trailer with a little bit more in it.

Now you’re really excited about seeing it, because you get to see your favorite actor do their thing.

Finally 1 month before the film comes out they release ANOTHER trailer with even more stuff and you just can’t wait to see it.

Then a week before it comes out they hold the premier and it’s on the latest pop news channels where they’re interviewing your favorite star about what happens in it.

How excited are you now to see this film?

There’s been a huge build up and all the while you haven’t been able to release the positive tension / excitement because the film hasn’t been available to watch.

So when it finally comes out you are DIEING to go see this film.

And when you do finally see it, because you’re so excited about it you’re much less open to the film being bad, because you have such positive expectations.


What if instead they released the film without any trailers and you didn’t know anything about it.

One day someone comes up to you and tries to hard sell you a ticket to this film you’ve never even heard of?

Do you even care? Maybe you’re even part of you assumes the film must be bad if this random person is trying to hard sell it to you.

Maybe you even love the actor in it.


Quite a different approach to the one I discussed earlier isn’t it?

So think about how this relates to sex.

How are you “presenting” sex with you to your partner.

Are you trying to hard sell her on having sex with you?

Or… does she have to work a little for it, because you tease her and make her feel good first through touching and massaging?

If you want to be seen as a sex GOD you’ve got to build up the value of having sex with you by making her work for it in a fun and teasing way, instead of trying to persuade HER to have sex with you.

Good luck with this tip.

And, drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.