How Thinking Of “Grandma” Is Not The Way To Last Longer In Bed

So one the most common ways that I hear of “how to last longer in bed” is to think of something that doesn’t turn you on, like…

“Think of dead puppies”

“Think of grandma”

“Think of xxx”

But does this really work?

Is this really an effective way to change your physiology so you last longer?

And even if it did work…

Would you really want to be thinking of things you find unattractive during sex just to last longer?

Wouldn’t that defeat the point of sex, which is to have fun together?

I think it’s obvious that this isn’t the perfect solution.

This idea kind of makes sense on the surface, but really when you think about it, it’s just not the right thing to do.

So what should you be thinking about during sex to make sure you last longer AND have fun in the process?

Well the answer is different for everyone.

Everyone is going to want to think of different things during sex that make them happy.

But here’s something you might find useful.

Think back to a time when you did last long in bed, or at least longer than on average.

Really do this.

Think back now…

Got it?…

Now ask yourself this question; “What thoughts were going through my head this time, that were different to the other times I lasted less long in bed?”

“What words did I say to myself?”

“What what the tone of the voice?”

“What images did I have in my head?”

“How big, bright, coloured were the images?”

The chances are, that if you think carefully about this, then something was different that time you had sex and last longer than usual.

Even if it was one small thing.

Maybe you were more confident.

Maybe you were focussing on giving to your partner instead of worrying about how long you would last.

Or maybe you were saying something different to yourself than you normally do.

Whatever it is that you did different, identify it now.

Write it down.

Get clear on that difference.

Now you’ve got something very powerful there.

You’ve got what you need to do, say or visualize to yourself to get you to last longer in bed than average.

So next time you go to have sex make a conscious effort to have those thoughts in your head, instead of the thoughts you normally have.

You may not get it perfect first time, but practise feeling those thoughts.

Try experiencing those ideal thoughts naturally and consciously.

With enough practise it should become a habit to think the long lasting thoughts instead of those that make you ejaculate prematurely.

And you’ll probably also enjoy yourself more as well.

This approach is a little bit better than thinking of dead puppies don’t you think…?

Give it a try next time.